Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the 2012 legislative session (A review)

Simply put the 2012 NYS legislative session stands out only because of the continued cowing of what was once a wild politial dog of a legislature by Gov Cuomo! The functionality, the on time b!udgeting, Cuomo has provided the proverbial Iron hand as it pertains to what was once the poster child for rampant self serving Poltics as usual! And as long as Cuomo II continues to keep the NYS legislature on a tight leash, as long as everything functions, and more imoprtantly, looks functional, his power will continue to grow! But despite the powerful shield he has created for himself in his culling of the legilative morass, there is danger on the political horizon. For while he has taken control of the legislature, the decisions made on unions, on teachers, and fracking to name a few ,are not sitting well with a lot of powerful people, and they could and will come back to haunt him in the all imoprtant re-election camapign of 2014! But that said, the 2012 legislative session gets(in accordance with the proposed teacher rating system) a B, because while much was accomplished, much was left undone, and the much that was accomplished still lends itself to question! And with that said, until the upcoming special session------!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Stop & Frisk(if it walks like a duck, and it talks like a duck---!)

AS the community of Ciolor finally steps up and speaks out about the continued racist injustice and insitutionalized program of prejudice that is stop and frisk, we as people of color, and importantly,we, as NYErs of color need to ask the question: WHY is it we have to march and protest to make clear to so called leaders like Bloomberg that RACISM is wrong, that stereotyping is wrong!!!! And that programs like these only lead  to and further  insitutionalized racism and ferments a continued culture of stereotyping!!! Broad brush painting gets everyone wet, not just a few! And its time that Lord Farrquaad(Bloomberg) finally understands that its not what he says that goes, but what is in the peoples  best interest that goes!!!Control and supress policing has never worked and it will never work! And racial profling is as great a injustice as the one it tries to prevent!!!! So it is finally time for the Bloomberg administration to understand that IF it wals like a duck, and if it talks like a duck------!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Get Your NY Proirities in Order!!!!

Amazing how NY leaders like Bloomberg can, given the situation in NY on just about everything ,give priority to non-issues like Trans -fats, Smoking and now Big sodas!!!!!! The schools are failing, crime is out of control, peoples rights are being trampled over, and the main priority on the Mayors desk is the soda's are too Big!!!!???? Im sure Mayor Bloomberg, that the people didnt elect you for that! And while the peanut gallerys for such minor issues as these may be happy, Im sure that the general populace isnt!!! But youre not alone in this pursuit of much ado for political nothings Mr. Mayor. From Albany to NYC and beyond, elected leaders are worrrying about the most trivial of issues instead of giving priority to the most major of same!!! Instead of worrying about second hand smoke, lets address commuter car emissions shall we? I think that is a far greater issue of concern than cigarettes. Instead of worrying about how much soda people are choosing to drink in  NYC, lets address how many people cant afford to drink soda in NYC!!! Simply put how about getting our NY priorities in proper order, instead of leading us down primrose paths NY leaders!!!!