Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NY VS Sandy.( A retrospective)

Hurricane Sandy, brought the unthinkable, the unimagined to NYC, the aftermath of what to this date had only been the province of the gulf region! Yes Sandy dealt the tri state area, and NY and NJ speficially a harsh blow, but in such times, the times  that try men's souls, the leaders of the region stood up, and lifted NY & NJ back up! Now, given that this is the unimagined and unexpected, unimagined, and unexpected problems have arisen and are still plaguing the region. But NY , true to its colors and  creedo, has stood tall! It fought back for all it's worth, and denied sandy and mother nature  the knockout victory that she has so regulalrly claimed in the gulf region! NYC is nearly all the way back, and NJ is fighting hard!! But for many there are still deep traumatic wounds, there are those who still are in the dark and the cold, and it is time they were fully attended to!! It is time that they were evactuated, for their own health and welfare, and it is time that they undertstand, and that NY and NJ makes it understood, that they are together in this fight, that noone needs be in the darkness and cold! Sandy struck and struck hard, but as we prepare to enter the holiday season, let us show mother nature and the world that noone, not even mother nature herself, can bring us down when we all stand together as NYERS, part of the metropolitan area!!! In the Fight between NY-NJ & sandy lets show this Holiday season that Sandy Lost, and NY & NJ won!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad Bromance(the Silver/Lopez Fiasco

If only Vito had been a true friend to his bro Shelly Silver, and stepped down ,none of this major drama would be going on, but now Shelly Silver is suffering the effects of this bad bromance!
Going out to help a friend is honorable, and Mr,silver is to be commended for it, but Mr. Lopez, you are a bad friend!  Because not only have dragged your office and title down, but now your friend and indeed the entire assembly with it! The investigations are nothing more than politics as usual and for all the sharks swimming around looking for blood in the water, I doubt very highly they will find it, I do think this is much ado about nothing! ( and if there was such a issue with corruption why the JCOPE member didnt come forward before is beyond me! Can we say self service here?!!!) But whatever happens here it is clear that Vito Lopez has abused the friendship of Mr. Silver, abused his power and position, and That is where the buck should stop, plain and simple!!!
But since this is POLITICS of course it wont! So sad,the road to hell is paved with good intentions so they say, and Vito Lopez has put the NYs legislature back on that road!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Long way home?

AS the DNC gets into full swing, and with people Like Cory Booker, Deval Patrick and Julian Castro establishing themselves on the national stage, we in NY are left to wonder :WHERE IS GOV CUOMO, and why is he taking such a low profile? For someone who supposedly has national ambitions ,taking the low profile route at this highest of profile conventions certainly isnt serving those ambitions, and also it doesnt serve NYS well as a whole! Gov Cuomo has never shied away from the limelight of the political world before, so why start now, especially when the spotlight can surely be beneficial, not only to his political ambitions, but to NYS itself!? This is a question that begs a answer! Invisible is never good, especially for a "rising political star" And it certainly isnt good when that "Star" Is the leader of the state that "Really Matters" to quote a phrase, New York!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The perils of friendship

One of the good things about the NYS legislature is the camraderie that is shared there. Positions and titles aside, there is a very human quality about the realationships shared by the individuals who do the peoples work there, and as they care about each other, so to do they care about the people they serve! So its very easy to see how, given that perspective,   this Vito Lopez issue has arisen! I mean can anyone truly believe that the consumate politican  Shelly Silver would delibarately do something criminal, something that could endanger all around him from the Gov on down? I think, and believe that this was nothing more than a major mistake, a mistake made in the spirit of friendship and camraderie, something that NYS has, and that Washington DC could learn from! And all the attempts to make political hay out of this are simply just that, political! Vito lopez should resign, that is without question, but to try to make a political mountain out of this Molehill, ill serves what has been achieved in NYS these past few years, and what stands to be accomplished in the future! Weve had enough of such politics , that is what brought Gov cuomo to office, and civility to a acrimonious legislature, lets not go backward!!!! Tone down the rhetoric and back away from the political trough people!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama/Cuomo as one campaign goes------!

AS president Obama continues down the campaign trail, how he fares should be of great interest to Gov Cuomo as he ponders his political future, because much of that political future must be invested in a Obama success! For a one term Obama presidency and a strengthed republican congress will be devastating, not only for Gov Cuomo but for Democrats as a whole! It will strengthen and embolden republicans, and it will almost certainly insure Gov Cuomo will face a stiff republican challenge in his re-election Bid in two years!! A successful Obama re-election and a possibly democratic congress essentially will clear the field for a Cuomo run, but a Romney presidency will create a lot of obstacles for the Cuomo who could be president! So Look for Gov Cuomo to take a Major role this fall in insuring the success of the Obama re-election campaign!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Cuomo Moment?

As speculation is bandied about regarding Andrew Cuomo's national aspirations, we are left to wonder, will there be another "Cuomo" moment at this summers national democratic convention? Because If Andrew is to truly make a national mark, it must be there, as did Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton and Andrew's father before him!The convention is where political stars are born, and where Democratic moments are made! So ,as far as Andrews national aspirations go, truly they are only a "Cuomo" moment away!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the 2012 legislative session (A review)

Simply put the 2012 NYS legislative session stands out only because of the continued cowing of what was once a wild politial dog of a legislature by Gov Cuomo! The functionality, the on time b!udgeting, Cuomo has provided the proverbial Iron hand as it pertains to what was once the poster child for rampant self serving Poltics as usual! And as long as Cuomo II continues to keep the NYS legislature on a tight leash, as long as everything functions, and more imoprtantly, looks functional, his power will continue to grow! But despite the powerful shield he has created for himself in his culling of the legilative morass, there is danger on the political horizon. For while he has taken control of the legislature, the decisions made on unions, on teachers, and fracking to name a few ,are not sitting well with a lot of powerful people, and they could and will come back to haunt him in the all imoprtant re-election camapign of 2014! But that said, the 2012 legislative session gets(in accordance with the proposed teacher rating system) a B, because while much was accomplished, much was left undone, and the much that was accomplished still lends itself to question! And with that said, until the upcoming special session------!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Stop & Frisk(if it walks like a duck, and it talks like a duck---!)

AS the community of Ciolor finally steps up and speaks out about the continued racist injustice and insitutionalized program of prejudice that is stop and frisk, we as people of color, and importantly,we, as NYErs of color need to ask the question: WHY is it we have to march and protest to make clear to so called leaders like Bloomberg that RACISM is wrong, that stereotyping is wrong!!!! And that programs like these only lead  to and further  insitutionalized racism and ferments a continued culture of stereotyping!!! Broad brush painting gets everyone wet, not just a few! And its time that Lord Farrquaad(Bloomberg) finally understands that its not what he says that goes, but what is in the peoples  best interest that goes!!!Control and supress policing has never worked and it will never work! And racial profling is as great a injustice as the one it tries to prevent!!!! So it is finally time for the Bloomberg administration to understand that IF it wals like a duck, and if it talks like a duck------!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Get Your NY Proirities in Order!!!!

Amazing how NY leaders like Bloomberg can, given the situation in NY on just about everything ,give priority to non-issues like Trans -fats, Smoking and now Big sodas!!!!!! The schools are failing, crime is out of control, peoples rights are being trampled over, and the main priority on the Mayors desk is the soda's are too Big!!!!???? Im sure Mayor Bloomberg, that the people didnt elect you for that! And while the peanut gallerys for such minor issues as these may be happy, Im sure that the general populace isnt!!! But youre not alone in this pursuit of much ado for political nothings Mr. Mayor. From Albany to NYC and beyond, elected leaders are worrrying about the most trivial of issues instead of giving priority to the most major of same!!! Instead of worrying about second hand smoke, lets address commuter car emissions shall we? I think that is a far greater issue of concern than cigarettes. Instead of worrying about how much soda people are choosing to drink in  NYC, lets address how many people cant afford to drink soda in NYC!!! Simply put how about getting our NY priorities in proper order, instead of leading us down primrose paths NY leaders!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The differance btween Political night & day!!!!

As the 2012 NYS Legislative session winds down to its end, it is astounding to see the change that has been wrought! Let's go back 10 years shall we, to when the NYS legislature was a dysfunctional, avaristict and corrupt mess!!!! When Late budgets and budget deficits were par for the course! And a public, numbed to the ways of politics on NYS capitol hill was at a loss! Now flash forward to today ,where it seems like a different world! There is no scandal, no dysfunction, corrupution is being pursued and procecuted and budgets are coming in on time!!! But most imprtantly of all, the public, the NY citizen is once again becoming engaged of the process , the process is piquing public interests in NYS!!! It's like a cloud has been lifted politically and legislatively in NY, and while there is still some of the old ways afoot, you can truly say that amiracle has been worked in Albany! It's as different as night and day!!!!! Good government in NYS, who would have thought it possible?

Friday, April 13, 2012

NYS capitol region and a gaze into Cuomos political future

NYS's capitol region, where diversity is and allways has been sorely lacking! Where the "good old boy" network is a accepted way of life, but perhaps the times are a changing!!! With 3, count em, three assembly seats opening up, the chance for HISTORY to be made is looming!!! I wonder how capitol region democrats and republicans feel about that! Simply put, it would be a major insult if one of the three seats that are opening up isnt filled by a woman or a person of color! Let's hope the capitol regions powers that be can step into the 21st century!!! They should be actively seeking and promoting candidates for these seats who are women or persons of color!!!

Now a look into the future, and what I see should be a caution for the Cuomo express. Because while he is making great progress and significanct gains, he is also making powerful political adversaries! And that may lead to a tough re-election bid, a relelection that will be crucial to any national hopes he may have!
His stances against the public workers, the teachers, and now his own senators may, and I say may come back to haunt him come re-election time!Right now the Cuomo express is just that,a unstoppable juggernaut,but in the game of thrones, slights are allways remembered at the right political time! So rather than possibly having to get over such speed bumps, I am of the hope that Gov Cuomo, can use his ever growning political capitol to, in the very near future.smooth things over with these forces!! because a King rises by his alliances, and falls due to his adversaries!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The NYS Budget 2012( a new Norm)

With Gov Andrew Cuomo's passing of a second budget in a row on time, a new norm has been established in Albany, a norm that not even his illustrious father could   achieve. Andrew Cuomo has righted, by the strength and character of his leadership, the ship of legislative state in NY. He has ended the machivellian manipulations  and the power grabbing shenanigans that have plagued Albany for decades! He(Andrew Cuomo) has effectively cowed the NYS legislature republican and democrat. No mean feat this, especially given the history of this, prior to 2011, dysfunctional body!
So is this indeed the new norm? Will we have in NYs fucntional and working government? As we approach the halfway mark in the Cuomo II administration it is hard to say. But clearly there is a new will and a new way on capitol hill in Albany, the Cuomo way, and noone has yet to say him Nay!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NY & Capitol HIll( no respect?)

NY & Capitol HIll( no respect?)

With the lack of representation in the upper echelons of Captiol hill for quite a while ,we must wonder here in NY, if our NY lawmakers are getting the respect they deserve? Arent our leaders worthy of cabinet level consideration? Arent our former Govs worthy of presidential consideration? I for one, can say that Former Gov Pataki could have easily won the republican nomination  IF he had chose to run! It seems that modern washington has a issue with NY politicans, something that stems back from the Mario Coumo days( another Gov who should have been offered a cabinet position but wasnt)  NY leads the world and You'd think that the leaders of NY would be called upon to serve!   That is something that whomever has the presidential seat in 2012 should consider! And in 2016 It may be indeed time for NY to contend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Mayoral run of John Liu.(revise out of revision!)

When Comptroller Liu first raised the prospect of Running for Mayor of NY, I crooked a eyebrow, due to both the potential of success and the potential for political destruction. Because the fact remains that ,despite it being NYC,THE most modern melting pot city in the world, the revisonist thoughts and practices that still hold sway in the city in things like the asian community and City politics would be a obstacle very hard to overcome! And ,of course, ny foresight in the matter has borne the most bitter of fruit! Political scandal and question is fast eclipsing the promise that Mr Lius candidacy once held, and as he struggles to get out of the starting gate, those revisionist practices and politics are coming together to end his run before it begins! As a consultant of some political reknown, I would offer this counsel to the Asian American who would be mayor! Cut your losses and run Hard! Find political professionals( everything and everyone doesnt have to be asian) return all donations that are of question ,and then run HARD! Make the question and doubt of your integrity created by these finance issues a strength! In other wordsRUN ON IT! LIUsanity does have a chance, A major chance, but he(candidate Liu) must revise himself out of what revisionism has wrought!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Cuomo Express!

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, before his great fall fancied himself a "steamroller" But clearly if there was ever a political steamroller in NYS it is the "Cuomo Express" that is chugging along in Albany!Policy change after policy change, public action after every public action, Andrew Cuomo is, by the strength of his own personal leadership and the positivity of same, pushing and pursing his agenda virutally unchallenged!And ,even if the opposition could find its voice, it simply cant! Cuomo has created, thru leadership and the success of same, a vaccum, where the rancorous partisanship and selfishness of years past simply cannot function! Success is both a sword and a shield and right now, due to leadership and the strength of same Gov. Andrew Cuomo is too well armed to challenge! The Cuomo express is indeed hitting on all cylinders, and right now I dont see anything stopping this true steamroller!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The NY budget( Leadership matters)

The Presentation of the NYS Budget Highlights what can be done, not only in NY & America with LEADERSHIP. Because right or wrong, whatever was in the budget paled in significance to the leadership that presented it!Leadership that can do, that will do, that is what was really presented in NYS's budget presentation. To put it simply LEADERSHIP matters!!! And whether you like  it or not, whether you are republican or democrat,you had to feel secure in and feel the power of the LEADERSHIP that was exemplified on the ESP(Empire State Plaza) last week. It was a textbook example of How to lead. And as the Budget Negotiations begin, its very clear who you want in your corner this legislative session! Leadership matters plain and simple! And as was witnessed during NYS's Budget presentation we , in NYS. Have it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cuomo 's second State of the State( the REAL DEAL?)

AS  we watched Gov Cuomo II's second state of the state address, we witnessed ,for the first  time in a long time in NYS, a leader at the peak of his political powers! Andrew Cuomo could do no wrong and it was clearly shown in the reception he recieved and the manner in which the State of the State  was conducted!  There was levity, brevity and above all, direction! And in a state which, until last year, had lacked all of that, it couldnt have been more welcomed! Gov. Cuomo is the Picture of a STRONG leader, and that is something that not only NYS needs, but America as well!Cuomo has let his actions speak louder than words, he has let his conviction speak instead of oratory, and whether you like him or not, it has served NYS for the better! No longer is Albany(the state Gov part anyway) the place for political stagnation, conflagration and the like! Albany is a place that finally has DIRECTION! And that direction  maybe about 400 miles south for Andrew Cuomo in 2016 if he maintains the iron hand in velvet glove approach that is serving him so well in NYS!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to NYpolitics2012!!!

Hello and welcome to NYpolitics2012!!! THE definitive place to discuss and see commentarty on all things Politic in the state of NY! So, as we begin year 2 on Andrew Cuomos march to the White House) and make No mistake that is exactly where Andrew is heading, please come here to discuss, debate and be informed on everything that is NYPolitics in 2012!  See you tomorrow with THE review of the State of the State 2012