Saturday, March 31, 2012

The NYS Budget 2012( a new Norm)

With Gov Andrew Cuomo's passing of a second budget in a row on time, a new norm has been established in Albany, a norm that not even his illustrious father could   achieve. Andrew Cuomo has righted, by the strength and character of his leadership, the ship of legislative state in NY. He has ended the machivellian manipulations  and the power grabbing shenanigans that have plagued Albany for decades! He(Andrew Cuomo) has effectively cowed the NYS legislature republican and democrat. No mean feat this, especially given the history of this, prior to 2011, dysfunctional body!
So is this indeed the new norm? Will we have in NYs fucntional and working government? As we approach the halfway mark in the Cuomo II administration it is hard to say. But clearly there is a new will and a new way on capitol hill in Albany, the Cuomo way, and noone has yet to say him Nay!

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