Sunday, January 22, 2012

The NY budget( Leadership matters)

The Presentation of the NYS Budget Highlights what can be done, not only in NY & America with LEADERSHIP. Because right or wrong, whatever was in the budget paled in significance to the leadership that presented it!Leadership that can do, that will do, that is what was really presented in NYS's budget presentation. To put it simply LEADERSHIP matters!!! And whether you like  it or not, whether you are republican or democrat,you had to feel secure in and feel the power of the LEADERSHIP that was exemplified on the ESP(Empire State Plaza) last week. It was a textbook example of How to lead. And as the Budget Negotiations begin, its very clear who you want in your corner this legislative session! Leadership matters plain and simple! And as was witnessed during NYS's Budget presentation we , in NYS. Have it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cuomo 's second State of the State( the REAL DEAL?)

AS  we watched Gov Cuomo II's second state of the state address, we witnessed ,for the first  time in a long time in NYS, a leader at the peak of his political powers! Andrew Cuomo could do no wrong and it was clearly shown in the reception he recieved and the manner in which the State of the State  was conducted!  There was levity, brevity and above all, direction! And in a state which, until last year, had lacked all of that, it couldnt have been more welcomed! Gov. Cuomo is the Picture of a STRONG leader, and that is something that not only NYS needs, but America as well!Cuomo has let his actions speak louder than words, he has let his conviction speak instead of oratory, and whether you like him or not, it has served NYS for the better! No longer is Albany(the state Gov part anyway) the place for political stagnation, conflagration and the like! Albany is a place that finally has DIRECTION! And that direction  maybe about 400 miles south for Andrew Cuomo in 2016 if he maintains the iron hand in velvet glove approach that is serving him so well in NYS!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to NYpolitics2012!!!

Hello and welcome to NYpolitics2012!!! THE definitive place to discuss and see commentarty on all things Politic in the state of NY! So, as we begin year 2 on Andrew Cuomos march to the White House) and make No mistake that is exactly where Andrew is heading, please come here to discuss, debate and be informed on everything that is NYPolitics in 2012!  See you tomorrow with THE review of the State of the State 2012