Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad Bromance(the Silver/Lopez Fiasco

If only Vito had been a true friend to his bro Shelly Silver, and stepped down ,none of this major drama would be going on, but now Shelly Silver is suffering the effects of this bad bromance!
Going out to help a friend is honorable, and Mr,silver is to be commended for it, but Mr. Lopez, you are a bad friend!  Because not only have dragged your office and title down, but now your friend and indeed the entire assembly with it! The investigations are nothing more than politics as usual and for all the sharks swimming around looking for blood in the water, I doubt very highly they will find it, I do think this is much ado about nothing! ( and if there was such a issue with corruption why the JCOPE member didnt come forward before is beyond me! Can we say self service here?!!!) But whatever happens here it is clear that Vito Lopez has abused the friendship of Mr. Silver, abused his power and position, and That is where the buck should stop, plain and simple!!!
But since this is POLITICS of course it wont! So sad,the road to hell is paved with good intentions so they say, and Vito Lopez has put the NYs legislature back on that road!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Long way home?

AS the DNC gets into full swing, and with people Like Cory Booker, Deval Patrick and Julian Castro establishing themselves on the national stage, we in NY are left to wonder :WHERE IS GOV CUOMO, and why is he taking such a low profile? For someone who supposedly has national ambitions ,taking the low profile route at this highest of profile conventions certainly isnt serving those ambitions, and also it doesnt serve NYS well as a whole! Gov Cuomo has never shied away from the limelight of the political world before, so why start now, especially when the spotlight can surely be beneficial, not only to his political ambitions, but to NYS itself!? This is a question that begs a answer! Invisible is never good, especially for a "rising political star" And it certainly isnt good when that "Star" Is the leader of the state that "Really Matters" to quote a phrase, New York!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The perils of friendship

One of the good things about the NYS legislature is the camraderie that is shared there. Positions and titles aside, there is a very human quality about the realationships shared by the individuals who do the peoples work there, and as they care about each other, so to do they care about the people they serve! So its very easy to see how, given that perspective,   this Vito Lopez issue has arisen! I mean can anyone truly believe that the consumate politican  Shelly Silver would delibarately do something criminal, something that could endanger all around him from the Gov on down? I think, and believe that this was nothing more than a major mistake, a mistake made in the spirit of friendship and camraderie, something that NYS has, and that Washington DC could learn from! And all the attempts to make political hay out of this are simply just that, political! Vito lopez should resign, that is without question, but to try to make a political mountain out of this Molehill, ill serves what has been achieved in NYS these past few years, and what stands to be accomplished in the future! Weve had enough of such politics , that is what brought Gov cuomo to office, and civility to a acrimonious legislature, lets not go backward!!!! Tone down the rhetoric and back away from the political trough people!!!