Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NY VS Sandy.( A retrospective)

Hurricane Sandy, brought the unthinkable, the unimagined to NYC, the aftermath of what to this date had only been the province of the gulf region! Yes Sandy dealt the tri state area, and NY and NJ speficially a harsh blow, but in such times, the times  that try men's souls, the leaders of the region stood up, and lifted NY & NJ back up! Now, given that this is the unimagined and unexpected, unimagined, and unexpected problems have arisen and are still plaguing the region. But NY , true to its colors and  creedo, has stood tall! It fought back for all it's worth, and denied sandy and mother nature  the knockout victory that she has so regulalrly claimed in the gulf region! NYC is nearly all the way back, and NJ is fighting hard!! But for many there are still deep traumatic wounds, there are those who still are in the dark and the cold, and it is time they were fully attended to!! It is time that they were evactuated, for their own health and welfare, and it is time that they undertstand, and that NY and NJ makes it understood, that they are together in this fight, that noone needs be in the darkness and cold! Sandy struck and struck hard, but as we prepare to enter the holiday season, let us show mother nature and the world that noone, not even mother nature herself, can bring us down when we all stand together as NYERS, part of the metropolitan area!!! In the Fight between NY-NJ & sandy lets show this Holiday season that Sandy Lost, and NY & NJ won!!!!!

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