Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama/Cuomo as one campaign goes------!

AS president Obama continues down the campaign trail, how he fares should be of great interest to Gov Cuomo as he ponders his political future, because much of that political future must be invested in a Obama success! For a one term Obama presidency and a strengthed republican congress will be devastating, not only for Gov Cuomo but for Democrats as a whole! It will strengthen and embolden republicans, and it will almost certainly insure Gov Cuomo will face a stiff republican challenge in his re-election Bid in two years!! A successful Obama re-election and a possibly democratic congress essentially will clear the field for a Cuomo run, but a Romney presidency will create a lot of obstacles for the Cuomo who could be president! So Look for Gov Cuomo to take a Major role this fall in insuring the success of the Obama re-election campaign!

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