Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Cuomo Express!

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, before his great fall fancied himself a "steamroller" But clearly if there was ever a political steamroller in NYS it is the "Cuomo Express" that is chugging along in Albany!Policy change after policy change, public action after every public action, Andrew Cuomo is, by the strength of his own personal leadership and the positivity of same, pushing and pursing his agenda virutally unchallenged!And ,even if the opposition could find its voice, it simply cant! Cuomo has created, thru leadership and the success of same, a vaccum, where the rancorous partisanship and selfishness of years past simply cannot function! Success is both a sword and a shield and right now, due to leadership and the strength of same Gov. Andrew Cuomo is too well armed to challenge! The Cuomo express is indeed hitting on all cylinders, and right now I dont see anything stopping this true steamroller!