Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The differance btween Political night & day!!!!

As the 2012 NYS Legislative session winds down to its end, it is astounding to see the change that has been wrought! Let's go back 10 years shall we, to when the NYS legislature was a dysfunctional, avaristict and corrupt mess!!!! When Late budgets and budget deficits were par for the course! And a public, numbed to the ways of politics on NYS capitol hill was at a loss! Now flash forward to today ,where it seems like a different world! There is no scandal, no dysfunction, corrupution is being pursued and procecuted and budgets are coming in on time!!! But most imprtantly of all, the public, the NY citizen is once again becoming engaged of the process , the process is piquing public interests in NYS!!! It's like a cloud has been lifted politically and legislatively in NY, and while there is still some of the old ways afoot, you can truly say that amiracle has been worked in Albany! It's as different as night and day!!!!! Good government in NYS, who would have thought it possible?